Ana Forrest Yoga

Reiki Training



“I was struggling to heal from Lyme Disease. I approached Anne for Reiki services after antibiotics failed to improve my symptoms. Anne’s intuitive healing abilities were keen. Without me even having to tell her, she quickly discerned my symptoms —including pain, nausea and fatigue— and channeled energy to soothe them. I felt relief almost immediately. After three sessions (one in person, two over the phone) my symptoms subsided substantially, and I felt better. She is a gifted healer, and I highly recommend her.”

— Christine, Cincinnati


“Anne Wagner is an exceptional reiki practitioner. She has greatly alleviated the pain and suffering of my husband after surgery and even predicted the size and location of the tumor that we removed from his prostate. She is a very gifted practitioner.”

—Laura, Chicago


“Over the past two years I’ve sought out Anne’s services for a number of different reasons, both physical and emotionally driven. As an epileptic, sometimes medication has an effect on my body I don’t always understand and it can be physically taxing and frustrating. Switching medications changes things in the brain and body. Distractions occur, concerns, and headaches or dizziness until the dosage is correct. In periods when my medications were off or I was having medication adjusted I sought out Anne to ease the discomfort . Her energy work always left my head feeling better when medication was previously lacking. As a former competitive volleyball player and current actress and dancer in the city, I’m constantly using muscles that I injured years ago. I worked to strengthen them over and over again but time and use or over use re-injures them. I’ll come in and Anne —in addition to recommending specific stretches (due to her yoga training)— will do energy work to target the pain or injury. I have so many stories about how Anne has helped me. I would highly recommend her services.”

— Alex, New York