Holistic Practice for Healing & Wellness

Anne Wagner, Practitioner

Change your life by Changing Your Perspective.

Connect to Spirit, Find Your Breath and Build Your Strength.


Deadlines. Stress. Confusing Life Choices. Modern life can be exhilarating, exhausting and excessive. ReikiBright brings together the modalities of Reiki and Forrest Yoga to provide healing, clarity and support in a nonjudgemental, nondogmatic setting.

ReikiBright focuses on:

  • Releasing Physical and Mental Trauma
  • Connecting with Your Own Vision and Experience of Your Life
  • Decreasing Stress and Improving Mood and Physical Health
  • Creating Practices that Empower


What is energy work?

All of our body and brain functions generate energy that may or may not become physical. Energy work uses the body’s healing system to create positive changes in physical, spiritual and emotional health. As an experienced holistic practitioner, I can help you identify the factors contributing to your pain, illness, or fatigue and channel healing energy to the source to help alleviate discomfort, promote healing and improve overall wellbeing. Are you curious to learn more? Please contact me directly, and we can discuss your needs.